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Re: Realtor Angel Lau

Angel and her team were exceptional in helping us sell our multi-unit rental property. From the initial meeting to handing the keys over to the new owners, she was with us every step of the way. Her dealings with us were always pleasant, courteous, clear and concise. From the moment I met Angel  I knew she was the one. All of her actions were professional and meticulous. She is a pleasure to deal with and helped us receive the best price possible. I highly recommend this gem of a real estate professional.

Michael Orozco - W Graves, Monterey Park ( Dec 2016 ) 


I am so glad that I had Angel as my agent. She is very experienced and highly efficient. She is detail oriented and follows up closely for me on each step throughout the whole process. I admire her friendly, energetic and upbeat attitudes which made the tedious process at ease. Angel gave  professional advises when there were issues or whenever I had questions. Thank you so much for her hard work! Angel is the best and I will highly recommended her to all my friends, relatives, family, and coworkers!

Vanessa Chan - 429 Sefton, Monterey Park (September 2016 )

Ms Lau is an incredible agent to work with. She listened to my needs and immediately located a house which perfectly matched what I want. The house is gorgeous with great views, and the price was below what we expected. My wife and I made a purchase decision right away. Ms Lau prepared the  contract, negotiated the best price & terms for us, and open escrow... all within 2 days. There are no words to express the joy I feel when working with her. There are no agents around that can compare to her professionalism and dedication.

James Leung - Oak Crest, Sierra Madre ( March 2016 )

  Angel was extremely experienced, skilled and professional. She helped me get my dream home, by competing in a highly competitive multiple offer situation. She advised me to overbid accordingly, since the property was listed below market price. I would have missed the opportunity to purchase this  home if it was not for her advise. Angel also advised me to write the seller a letter, explaining why I was so dedicated to buying their home. This worked very well, and the seller picked my offer over another cash offer at the same price, because the seller was touched by my letter and wanted to pass on their family home to another family that would value and treasure it like they did. Angel's strategies worked very well and I purchased my first family home at an amazing deal. The transaction went very smoothly. Thank you so much for making all this happen!

Stacie - Virden Dr, Glendale ( April 2016 )


Angle is really fantastic. Very helpful and thoughtful. She is fluent in both English and mandarin. Since we are new here, Angel explained a lot of knowledge of both selling and buying. She is really experienced and will 100%sure help you not only sell but also buy a dream house.

Yingchun Zhu - Broadway, Temple City ( September 2016 )


Mrs. Lau is very professional in her field. She always provides great advises and helps me to sell my property as well as to buy a new property. I can always rely on her to buy or sell property for the best price possible. It is a very satisfactory experience with Lau. I will definitely find her  the next time I need to sell or buy a property.

Runqiu Mai -  College View Dr, Monterey Park ( October 2016 )

Dear Home Buyer/Seller:

Right from the start, Angel impressed me as someone who is sharp and competent.  and sure enough, I found that time after time, Angel rose to the occasion with each unexpected twist and turn that occurred during my selling process.  i especially appreciated the way Angel empowered me to make the best decisions needed to keep moving forward despite waning hope and strength.  In a highly competitive and volatile housing market, I am thankful for a realtor who can take charge, stay the course, and seal the deal with aplomb and finesse.  My only regret is that I did not get started earlier in working with angel To sell my house.


Stella Tam - Loma Ave, Temple City ( July 2013 )


Angel is really a reliable and professional agent. She's always willing to help and kind. She will give you a lot of good advice which are very useful and important. That'll make you to make the right decision. She took me to see more than 20 houses with different price range in only 4 days. You  won't regret to choose her. Highly recommend!

Yali Lu - Santa Rose, Arcadia ( April, 2015 )


Angel is a hard working, efficient and profoundly experienced real estate agent. I couldn't be happier to have chosen Angel to sell my property in southern California earlier this year.

Starting from the staging phase, Angel has shown her detail oriented, result driven work style, she and her  team staged our home within three days under short notice, and advertised the property in multiple channels and newspapers in addition to the regular MLS, websites. It is known to be a tough year to sell, however, because of the extensive work and preparation that Angel did, our property is in contract under 7 days, and with a FULL price offer! In the following days, Angel showed even more resilience, negotiation skills and professional knowledge to tackle any unexpected situations that popped up. Because we were out of town, Angel provided me with timely update, thoughtful suggestions and action-packed help till the end of the transaction. I am so grateful to Angel's superior professional attitude -putting customer's need as her #1 priority - through the entire process.

Angel is not a person talking to her client endlessly, she does not exaggerate anything, and she makes her clients happy with her to-the-point discussions with clients, her great and tactful suggestions, and her concrete heartfelt help whenever necessary. I highly recommend Angle to anyone who is on market looking for a great real estate agent! 

Anna - Duarte Rd, Arcadia ( October 2011 )


Dear Angel,

I hope this letter finds you well, and that your're enjoying some greatly deserved rest after all of your hard work on the sale of my father's residence. Thank you, profoundly and truly, for all that you did to successfully market, negotiate, deal with unexpected crises, and close the sale on his home!

It is amazing what your skills as a realtor were able to achieve:

- Your effectively advertised a home that had not been updated or well-maintained since the 1970s, and that had unpermitted structural modifications.  You had to sell this home as-is.

- Despite the property's imperfections, you elicited numerous all-cash, above-asking price offers - not once, but twice!

- You helped negotiate a favorable conclusion with an initial buyer who did not contract with us in good faith.  After weeks of effort, you secured a reimbursement for escrow costs and my expenses.

- Simultaneously, you were able to find a new buyer who made an all-cash, above-asking price offer that also included an incentive payment for an expedited closing.

- You worked seamlessly with the escrow and title representatives, as well as my probate attorney, to make sure all documents were complete, timely, and accurate.

- finally, you provided guidance, expertise, and reassurance to me as I had to sell my childhood home - the place where I grew up and my father lived for 40 years. I know that I was a very emotional and challenging client, but you were unfailingly professional and completed everything that needed to be done quickly and well.

Angel, every time I asked you to do something that seemed nearly impossible you would say, "No problem - it's my job!" And you would get the task done! I feel so fortunate to have been the person who benefited from your can-do attitude and extraordinary capabilities.  Thank you again for all of your help.


Debby Lu - Blue Cr., Rosemead ( January, 2016)


I have known Angel for more than 10 years already. She acted as both my buying and selling agent for three houses already. We are totally impressed and happy with the professional services she provided. She helped us to close a short sale, which lasted for more than a year, recently. She  closely monitored for us resulting in buying of the house. Thank you very much.

 Cyrus - Naomi, Arcadia ( July 2014 ) &

     - Lilac Canyon Ln, Altadena (June 2015 )


I had a wonderful experience with Angel Lau, the entire home buying process are so smooth. I am so excited to move into my new place. I highly recommend Angel Lau and will be definitely using her to sell my home when I am ready. I know that she has my best interest at heart and that is rare to find.

Sam Chau- 1234 Wilshire Blvd, LA (October, 2014 )

Angel has been working with me and my wife for over 12 years, helping us, to find and buy a new home, sell my home and finding a place to lease. She is highly efficient and with great follow up, she could almost solve all your problems and truly understand your needs. I would recommend her  highly.

 Robert Yao - Graves Ave, Monterey Park ( May 2016 )

Please accept this letter as our appreciation for you. We’ve recently purchased our dream home thanks to your excellence, professional service and assistance.

I’m very happy and would recommend Angel to anyone who in need of real estate service. With Angel’s professional help, my brother has swiftly sold his old house and purchased a new one. My brother was so pleased with Angel’s service that he referred her to me.

I have deal with other professional realtors in the past; however, no one is as reliable and dedicated as Angel. I was able to reach her even at night or on the weekends. All my questions were answered thoroughly and promptly, and if she cannot answer my questions or concerns, she would help me to find it. Even after closing escrow, she is still in touch with me and helps me with some other problems such as homeowner warranty.
Again, thank you Angel for all your hard work.

Bryan Thai - Buttonwood Ct, Rancho Cucamonga ( October, 2008 )

To whom it may concern:

This letter is being written for Angel Lau to recommend and also to praise her for the outstanding work she did for my wife and me in resolving a very complicated probate deal.

She is without a doubt one of the most reliable and dedicated realtors anyone could ask for, this recommendation is based on our having sold and bought properties in the past and having dealt with other realtors.

Her hard work, perseverance, attention to detail and understanding of the current real-estate market conditions helped us to receive better than top dollar for the property she was commissioned to sell.

We would highly recommend her now or in the future to anyone interested in buying or selling a property and want to maximize their end profits.

Charles and Virginia Bolding - Sunset Ave, San Gabriel ( September 2010 )

Dear Angel,

I highly appreciate your effort and your company’s support in the recent matter dealing with the Listing Agent of my property. I am looking forward to a quick resolution between the two parties.

I am very impressed by your enthusiasm when you responded rapidly to my inquiry, your professional conduct when you handled the communication between the two parties, and your genuine personality when you continuously provided outstanding customer service to my family even after the deal was closed.

I will definitely recommend you and your company to people I know for future business opportunities. And Angel Lau and Coldwell Banker Dynasty will always be my top choice as a real estate agent.

LiLi - Ramona Ave, Monterey Park ( June 2005 )

I am writing this letter for Ms Angel Lau of Coldwell Banker Dynasty, who showed exceptional talent in selling my home recently.

Ms. Angel Lau is so knowledgeable about the current real estate trends that she is honest, accurate and full of initiative in market analysis, promotion strategy through newspapers, internet, flyer-making and home show.

Whenever we need help she is always available to give us practical advice. She even went so far to find us a very efficient janitor to clean our new home after moving. She is so enthusiastic and willing to help that we’ll like to recommend her to any prospective buyer or seller of real estate without any reservation. We’re sure you will enjoy meeting her.

Raymond & Branda Yeung - Laurel Ave, Arcadia ( May 2006 )

This letter serves as my written testimony and recommendation for Miss Angel Lau in regards of her excellent services in helping the transactions of my recent real estate needs.

Having had many experiences in buying and selling real estate properties, I feel never more pleased and satisfied with Miss Lau than any other agent I have ever dealt with. Her integrity in this profession not only makes me feel confident but also comfortable. She helped me find something better than what I was looking for and also helped me save in thousands of dollars!

There is no doubt about her competence and sincerity in her profession. It is my true pleasure to recommend her to anyone who might need her services. Believe me, you will be the next lucky one like me!

Thomas G. Lee, PhD. L. Ac., President - Rosemead Blvd, Temple City ( April 2005 )


Meeting Angel Lau was very fortunate turn of event for us.  We are very happy with her work and were highly impressed with her professional work ethic; she worked diligently throughout the entire process of  our transaction without any puffery, and all work were done in timely manner with both efficiency and attention to our satisfaction.  Angel Lau has successfully accumulated many Chinese buyers with marketing and utilizing many media outlets; and We were very impressed with her abilities and means to achieve this.  I  highly recommend Angel Lau for her real estate services. 

Steve & Jung Chung - Landis View Ln, Rosemead ( July 2014 )


Angel Lau is a professional, knowledgeable and outstanding Real Estate agent. She puts a great deal of thought, time and effort into revamping our house selling. We would like to recognize her effort and highly recommend everybody in buying or selling properties.

Lee Family - 5th Ave, Arcadia ( February 2008 )

Angel Lau is very helpful and a lot of knowledge of what she do. She told me and my sister that she can sell my sisters house in 10 days and she did that in less than 10 days and sold for more money. I will highly recommend her to my other family members and friends.

Tessie - E. Point Cedar St, West Covina ( June 2016 )

If you looking for a agent, I will highly recommend Angel Lau, she is super professional, sincere, and patient. She takes care all the things and explains everything so clearly, let me have a peace of mind to let her handle all the things. I really like the way how to sell my house, she knows how  to make my house from normal to beautiful. And major thing is she know how to sell your house quick. Thank you so much Angel. Great job.

Jacky Kan - Loren Ln, Rosemead ( April, 2016 )

We had prior real estate agents but they did not do their work right. After 6-month open house with them, we were discouraged and decided not to sell the house. Ms. Angel Lau found us and met with us one day. She advised us for the right small home projects that helps us to make significant  impact to your home value. When we called her, she always got back to us and followed up any issue. Ms. Angel Lau was professional, honest, friendly and well-organized. She came early on the open-house days to prepare and she stayed late. We were very impressed by her excellent service. She helped us to sell our house at a very good price. We're highly recommend her to everyone who want to buy or sell a house

Judy - Cathryn Dr, Rosemead ( May 2006 )

Angel is knowledgeable, helpful and honest. She helped my family found a house which was perfect for us. Also she is a very responsive person. Whenever we have questions during or after the sale, she always responded to us in a timely manner. She always said " call me anytime, I work 7 days a  week, 24 hours a day." Angel worked tirelessly for us. I would recommend Angel to anyone who needs to buy or sell in real estate.

Nancy - Meridian Ave, Alhambra ( July 2009 )

I am writing for Ms Angel Lau who sold my property in Arcadia. One thing I wanted to said is working with Angel is no pressure, she will not call you & ask for business everyday.But once you are ready, she will take action right away. After the contract signed, I was so surprised she cleaned-up  my house, staged, advertised, open house within 1 week. And then she handed me 5 offers at the second week.Everything happened so fast and I did not know how to react. But Angel patiently explained each offer to me and point out what was important that we should stayed firm, and what we should let go. She guided me to pick the best offer that met my situation even though the price was not the highest one. We closed escrow on time & I got my money at the time I need. I would highly recommend her to everyone who not only need professional service but also want to sell their home fast.

JJoracle -  Diamond St, Arcadia ( May 2015 )


Angel did such a awesome job in getting my home sold. She has more than met my expectations as an agent. She is very dedicated. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

Albert Chang - Hidalgo Ave, Alhambra ( September 2016)


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